Yarmouth Clam Festival 2014

I absolutely love this: seeing how the town of Yarmouth (Maine) pulls together to put on the annual Yarmouth Clam Festival. The organizers have of course worked tirelessly ever since the last day of the festival last year, but this is truly an event that brings out the best of our community: the collaboration of all the people who makes this town their home! Yes, some good citizens do leave town to escape the event, but oh so many more kids, parents, grandparents, and neighbors sign up for their volunteer shift at one of the many parking lots and food booths. All the proceeds from those make up the majority of fund-raising for the sports and music booster clubs, churches, and other non-profits. All through my kids’ year at the middle and high school, our family would help out at multiple booths and parking lots. It was all fun- working alongside one’s friends and fellow citizens for a common good.

This year, for the first time, I will have a booth at the Crafts Show of Yarmouth Clam Festival. I’m very excited to have this opportunity to get my products out for all to see and get feed-back from my customers. So far, the weather report looks good with no rain and moderate temperatures- knock on wood!

Every year-it seems like a standing joke- people put out their chairs along the parade route several weeks ahead of time. Here is a photo of Main street yesterday- with some chairs waiting of course!                                                           Stop by at Tröskö’s booth # 84 to say hello!



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