24 things to find on the 2015 Yarmouth Clam poster!

24 things to find on the 2015 Yarmouth Clam poster!

If you like the game “Where is Waldo?”, you might enjoy finding these 24 things on the Yarmouth Clam Festival poster:

1. The paddling race

2. The clam diggers

3. The number 50 in two places

4. The letter Y in five places

5. The heart with an H for “Herbie” carved on a tree

6. “Wilby”, the tree mascot for Yarmouth Recycling and his side-kick

7. The bicycle race

8. “Steamer”, the Yarmouth Clam Festival’s Clam mascot

9. The police officer representing Yarmouth Police Department, which keeps us all safe:)

10. The drummer boys representing Yarmouth High and Middle School bands -Drum roll, please!!!!

11. The bucket with lupines (Maine’s state flower!) representing good old Mr. Bucket- may he rest in peace!!!

12. The firemen involved in  an extra-ordinary fireman’s muster

13. The Moose on the Loose

14. The musician of all talented musicians

15. The infamous/famous Lime-ricky!!! Which might be served with a song!

16. The fire-truck for all those awesome fire-trucks in the parade

17. The one church as a symbol for all the churches (regardless of denomination) that pull together for this event

18. The Ferris wheel for the Carnival with fried dough and “Bracelet night”

19. The lawn chair on a pile of snow- because in Yarmouth we have a sense of humor even in the dead of winter when we dream of the Clam Festival:)


21. The Diaper Derby

22. The Shriners in their cars and their pens in pockets!

23. The Clown for all clowns – official or not:)

24. Blue-berry pie- because it’s the Best!

Bonus points: how many volunteers, Festival visitors, and dogs  can you find?

Come enjoy the Yarmouth Clam Festival on July 17, 18, and 19. You can’t miss it!

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