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Home has design competitions almost every week. Anybody can vote. Here is my design submission for this weeks competition – the theme is Swedish Folk Art. My design is called “Sour said the Fox” and is inspired by an old Aesop’s fable about a fox not reaching Rönnbär = Rowan berries. So he declares them sour, since he can’t reach them anyway! If you’d like to vote on my design, here is the link to the voting page- there are a lot of submissions, so you might have to scroll quite a bit. My shop name on Spoonflower is Solvejg. Link:

Thank you so much!


In the April issue of DownEast Magazine, guest editor Martha Stewart chose Tröskö’s green whale pillow among 7 products from other Maine companies. See more here:

Tröskö pillows chosen as “must haves” by Martha Stewart

Tröskö Design is a surface design studio based in Maine. The styles of the designs range from modern sparse to colorful whimsical. Here is a sampling of  patterns. If you are interested in licensing or buying designs, please send your company information to see more designs.